This is the ultimate safety warning... 

1996 - One afternoon I had torched a large gourd to create one of my Burnt Offerings style gourds. Once I was happy with the effects of the torching on the gourd I patted down the torched areas with a damp cloth - just to make sure it was done smoldering (at least I thought it was done). I placed the gourd on a table in the patio and left for about two hours. 

When I returned, I found the gourd had blown off the table and fell into a plastic chair. During my absence, the gourd continued to smolder or it may even had caught fire. Just a small piece of the gourd was left—originally it was about 24” tall and about 20” wide. I was so grateful I had not left the gourd in my studio when I left the house, otherwise, who knows what would have happened.

This is a perfect example of “never leave a burning gourd unattended”!
Happy and SAFE Gourding!

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