If you have any questions, please contact me. Or call: 619-995-2475.
Gourd Classes... 
“Fancy Shawl Dancer” 
A fun design! Inspired by the Fancy Shawl Dancers at traditional Native American PowWows.

“Carved Maiden” 
Develop your carving and wood burning skills as well as weaving Torrey Pine Needles. 

"Tipi Camp" Learn how to carve.
#104 Saturday – Carved Turtle with Pottery Shards

Carve a classic design and learn how to inlay authentic pottery shards. We will be wood burning, carving, and perfecting the art of inlay. The gourd will be finished with a rim of Torrey Pine needles. The skills you will learn or master in this class can be used on any gourd project. It will be a fun day of carving a great piece of art! Class will be held outside.
Materials & preparation fee: $40 All Levels
Tools needed: A good quality dust mask, mini jigsaw, wood burner, an awl, power carving tool (Dremel, Master Carver, etc.), and any burrs you may have. I will have burrs available to purchase.
Dream Catcher
A little different twist to a Dream Catcher. Work with TransTint dyes and learn how to weave a beautiful dream catcher. To add a little flare to the gourd, you will be adding an array of beads around the dream catcher. Fun, fun fun! Dimensions: 6” x 6”
Materials & Preparation fee: $30 All Levels
Tools: Woodburner and mini jigsaw.

The classes listed below are not being offered at this time. If you are interested please contact me: kristy.dial@yahoo.com
“Spirit Shamans” Let your imagination run wild.You will have tons of fun combining so many different materials: copper, cloth, wire, feathers, paint and of course gourds!  
“Carved Spirit Bear” 
A design packed full of techniques. Carving, patinas, metal and pine needle weaving. Woodburning, carving, cabochon inlay. 
“Critter Pot” Carving, wood burning, and a cabochon inlay. 

Saturday, April 28 9am-4:00pm
Sunday,April 24  $55.00  9:00am-4:00pm
"Spirit Dreamer"
Combine your creativity and the wonderful materials provided to create a stunning and unique wall hanging. You will be provided with everything; a small gourd, copper, feathers, beads, textured medium and paints. 
A piece of weathered wood, salvaged from an old Oregon barn will form the backdrop on this  12” high wall hanging.
"Spirit Dreamer"
Carve and woodburn! Develop your carving and wood burning skills. It will be a fun day filled with tips and techniques.  A written tutorial will be provided and students will leave class with a finished gourd.
Join me in 2018: Baskets and Gourds - Containers of our Culture VI in Visalia, California!
"I have taken all of Kristy's classes and have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the personal attention. With each class I have learned so many new techniques!"    by Lorena S.
"Kristy is so organized and sharing with all of her techniques. I would urge every gourder to take at least one class from her, if not more!"    
by Kathy W.
"Kristy's style is southwest, but 
I have learned so much I can incorporate into my own style. 
Great classes!"    
by Judy G.
Visalia, California
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"Dream Catcher"
Create a beautiful gourd! Work with wood dyes and wax linen to create a beautiful Gourd Dream Catcher. All materials will be provided ~ no tools needed. Join us for a day of fun!

Saturday, November 21  $45.00
9:00am - 3:00pm
Carson City, NV
Carson City, NV
FULL -But I want to be on the waiting list!